Enjoy the delights of Ibiza out of season

Admit it – when someone mentions Ibiza, you think of a load of drunk teenagers in a huge club, surrounded by debauchery. This may be what you would encounter if you went at the height of summer, or chose to stay in the midst of San Antonio’s main drag, but if you choose the time of your visit carefully then you will be able to experience the true delights of one of the world’s most beautiful islands in peace.

If you visit out of season, you will soon discover the real highlights of Ibiza: the stunning scenery, fabulous restaurants and rich heritage.


If it is clubs you’re after then it isn’t the best time to visit the island. During the high-season months of May – October, over 2.3 million visitors make the trip to the emerald isle, but just 440,000 people make it from November – April. This obviously means the nightlife isn’t as bustling, but Pacha does stay open and attracts mainly Spanish people, if you fancy going out. There are also plenty of smaller bars and clubs that stay open all year so you will definitely be able to find somewhere to have a good time.

Cala Llong

Cala Llonga is a small fishing town on the East of the island and is incredibly beautiful. Away from the hustle and bustle of the larger cities on the island, Cala Llonga offers a window into the relaxed Spanish way of life. The best way to explore is to hire a car and drive up the (very modest) mountain and look down on it. It is a real treat to see that the authentic way of life still survives on an island that is mainly associated with hedonism.

D’Alt Vila

D’Alt Vila is a walled fort that sits at the top of a rather large hill next to the entrance of Ibiza Town port. Now a world heritage site, D’Alt Vila is actually full of many extremely good restaurants, but if it is a bit of culture you’re after then you should make your way to The Convent de les Monjes Tancades (Monastery of the Cloistered Nuns). At the very top of D’Alt Vila you will find the Cathedral and Ibiza Castle, with its lovely stone walls and cobbled streets.


Diving in Ibiza is truly stunning – as well as the great sights that are available above water there is so much more to see underwater. Ibiza has clear waters surrounding the whole of its 200 kilometer coastline, so there are many qualified diving schools and places to hire snorkels if you want something a bit more leisurely. There are also many locations where you can do cave or wreck dives, for those of you that are feeling really adventurous; you could spend lots of your Ibiza holidays doing nothing else!

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