Experience your very own Bohemian Rhapsody in Olomouc

There may not be a Scaramouche in evidence, but Freddie Mercury certainly knew what he was singing as there is an awful lot to rhapsodise about within Bohemia. Despite being only 2 hours away from the capital, and top tourist destination, of Prague in the Czech Republic, few people have actually heard of the town on Olomouc yet after Prague it boasts the largest collections of stunning and historical buildings.

There is a multitude of monasteries and churches built in Baroque, Gothic and Romanesque styles and the Holy Trinity Column has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in copper and stone it was created as a thank you to God for ending the terrible plagues that were a scourge of the country from 1714-16. It is a stunning monument that dominates Olomouc Upper Square and offers a great photographic opportunity.

Olomouc was Moravia’s historical capital, an ancient region that was subsumed in the Middle Ages into Bohemia, and its relics are gathered behind old city walls surrounded by parkland. A charming afternoon can be spent walking beneath the giant trees and crossing the wooden bridges as you travel along a foot path that follows the wall, which was once broken up periodically by white towers complete with roofs of bright blue.




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