It’s never been easier to get travel insurance if you’re over 65

It is no surprise that if you are 65 and over, the chance of finding travel insurance at a cheap price is very slim. Insurance is all about risks, but it seems this age group is a risk too far as due to their ill health, and not many are willing to take a chance on them. Thankfully, that is no longer the case.

With the launch of the new site Medicaltravelcompared, those over 65 have nothing to worry about as they have them covered. Not even a long history of medical conditions can stop them from covering you. If you are aged 65 and over, or have a medical condition; or fall under both categories you are in their target market.

All you have to do is answer a simple health questionnaire. After that you are given quotes from various insurers that match your requirements. If you are going away abroad on a one-off holiday, your age does not matter as there is no limit.

Lauren Stovell, who is in charge of business development at Medicaltravelcompared, believes it can ‘enable older people with medical conditions to get enough insurance for their travels so they have peace of mind if there are any incidents’.

On the other hand the Association of British Insurance Brokers has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of people who are using their service which helps them ‘find a broker’. This happened exactly one year after they signed a contract with government officials to cater to the needs of elderly travellers as well as motorists. Insurers who cannot cover any elderly traveller has to make sure they point them in the direction of other similar insurers like AllClear and Saga



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