The Disneyland Resort in Paris

Regardless of which Disneyland you choose to spend your family holiday at you are bound to have a great time. However, in Paris you and your family will enjoy the splendid atmosphere of the city as well.

Everyone knows that Disneyland is a must see destination for a family holiday. The entire operation is set toward delivering a thrilling and pleasant experience for each person in your family, whether child or adult. The Disneyland Resort in Paris had formerly been called Euro Disney, but regardless of name, it has remained one of the most popular Disneyland’s in the world.

The compound for the 1992 resort is a sprawling 15 square miles, with an endless parade of new events and attractions being added. Included on its campus are seven hotels and three parks (Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney Studios, and Disney Village) for your family to explore. Every hotel and park is designed around a special theme. You’ll never get bored.

Disneyland Paris Park is the classic Disney idea for a park. You’ll find all the great characters from the Disney cartoons that you and your children love. Each Disney tale is on exhibit. Not only this, you will be transported back to America at the turn of the 20th century when you walk down Main Street. It is the typical small American town that sets the pace in this park.

The second park is the Walt Disney Studios Park. It is designed to expose you to the film making experience of Hollywood. You can take a tram to get a sweeping tour of the films in CineMagique.

The third place is Disney Village Park. It is more adult oriented than the other two, with bars, dancing all night, restaurants, and even Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Dinner Show. Every style of music is available at the music fest year round.

As for the hotels, they are among the best accommodations around. Each hotel has its own style. The New Hotel York transports you back to Manhattan in the 1930′s. The Hotel Santa Fe gives you the taste of Route 66. Disneyland Hotel is fashioned as a Victorian mansion. Hotel Cheyenne is oriented toward the Wild West.

Newport Bay Club is a nautical themed hotel. The Sequoia Lodge has the smell of the National Parks of the American West.  Davy Crockett Ranch has rough and ready bungalows, if you enjoy nature.


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