The Tuesday morning market at Los Boliches, Fuengirola

Every Tuesday morning you will be find that the Los Boliches main car park has been given over to a huge market.

Here you can find anything from knick knacks, gifts, clothes, jewellery, duvets and shoes.

A cafe is set at the market’s entrance and there are usually living statues, a musician or a band present. Once across the columns that mark the entrance, you can enter a world of stall holders, small businesses and hawkers.

Large Arrays of Market Stalls Offering Cheap Items – Clothes, Leather-Look Merchandise and Food

Looking to your left, you will find an exhibit of cottons and table linens all hand embroidered and to your right is a little jewellery stand filled with bangles, necklaces and silver plated earrings for sale. A wide selection of shoes like moccasins, sandals, trainers and slippers are available as well as a hanging display of every coloured handbag that is imaginable, and will certainly attract your attention.

Others on displays include a sunshine yellow coloured clutch bag, an orange shoulder bag and a string woven beach holdall in lime green. You can hear the chap nearby shouting “Happy Hour and Half Price Sweets” while standing behind a table that is groaning with toffees and gobstoppers.

A little further along are, delicately flowing in the breeze, a variety of dyed, light and brilliant printed loose shirts and cotton skirts. Every once and awhile there will be a refreshing sense of calm with little sound for a brief moment as you pass a gap that leads to a side street or where a stall should be. An area by the trees and street lights is a coveted spot for beach sellers who have their jewellery, belts and bags all spread out.

Other stalls are filled with underwear for one euro, a bra or pair of knickers for 2 euros, Andalucian bull mascot logo t-shirts and even more jewellery and on a booth covered in belts, the smell of leather melds with the aroma of incense coming from the neighbouring gift shop.

Give Thanks to Chinese Manufacturing – Fake Branded Goods

Plenty of Ralph Lauren Polo branded merchandise is being sold for a third less than the normal price of what you would pay in outlet Malls; whilst Dolce & Gabbana being presented as Dolce & Banana in order to avoid issues of copyright.

You can also find famous crocodile printed Lacoste shirts with material so thin a hole can easily be made in it with a strong fingernail.

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