Wake up to nature in New Zealand

Imagine that instead of waking up to the smell of burnt toast and the sound of the refuse trucks emptying your wheelie bins outside on your street you could wake up to the sheer brilliance of glacier capped mountains and the freshest air that exists in the world. In fact, the air is so crisp that you can practically taste it on your tongue.

You can do this if you visit New Zealand as the small island is a very famous nation that is known for its natural and untouched landscapes. When you combine this with expert tour guides and some very excellent facilities, what you get are some great natural experiences and plenty of fun things to do for adventurers on holiday.

One of the most famous walks in New Zealand is the Milford Track which spreads out over 54km and takes travellers along the Fiordland National Park. There are not that many places left on the earth that is still this fresh and natural. From steep mountain passes to valleys to glaciers to waterfalls to green forests that are luscious and sweet there is literally every type of natural scenario buckled into one path. Toss in some wooden bridges and blue lakes and you have a walk to remember.

Those that want a moderate walk should consider taking the Lake Waikeremoana path that circles around the lake and takes about four days to complete. A total of 26km, the path is one is one of most diverse on the globe as it allows trail followers to walk though a dense rainforest and then dumps them at a perfect lake before leading them up some mountain cliffs. Plus, the Maori culture is still very strong in the area allowing walks to soak in an ancient culture that is still in existence.

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