World City Hong Kong

The island state of Hong Kong is one of the most fascinating and enigmatic destinations anywhere on earth, and also one that many have on their wish lists of places to visit. With  a unique fusion of east meeting west, tradition rubbing shoulders with innovations and serenity and vibrancy making unlikely but effective bedfellows, it is little wonder that Hong Kong is considered to be Asia’s ‘World City’. Those who make the trip east are in for an experience that is truly a trip of a lifetime.

To get the message across to prospective tourists as to what is on offer to them in the bright lights of Hong Kong a wonderful video has been released online to highlight the many attractions waiting to be discovered. Entitled Hong Kong – Asia’s World City, this is a breathtaking ride around Hong Kong showing how one girl spent her time in Hong Kong and what she experienced during her time there.

It starts with her arriving on a ferry and snapping away with her camera, while her narrative asks us to guess where she is; somewhere west? Somewhere east? We then see her in a new dress and she asks what did she get up to? The answer being 6 new outfits, 32 shops, food from all over the world, which we see images of as she snaps them in a restaurant.

After various montages of her having the time of her life she reveals she is in Hong Kong, and even though it is it the 5th time she has been there every moment still brings something new and she feels as if she has been around the world but has actually stayed in the same place. This is the beauty of Hong Kong, in one compact city you can travel the world without going anywhere else, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

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